• Surf Fishing Kit


    THE "SURF KIT" is designed for that novice fisherman or that fisherman on the go.  It includes what you will need to catch a variety of species of fish, just add water bait and weight.  The kit includes the following: Four Hand tied Rigs: One (1) STRIPER/Drum Rig:  One (!) KINGFISH/ PomPano/Spot Rig: One (1)  BLUEFISH/Striper Rig: One (1) Fluke/Summer Flounder Rig :  Line Clippers, Three (3) Snap Swivels, One (1)  3/8oz. Bucktail, One (1) 1 oz. Casting Spoon , Reusable Plastic Box w/ 9" embossed ruler on lid.  Spend more time fishing and less time looking AND save money!!